Now available in "La Galerie des Créateurs"

Now available in “La Galerie des Créateurs” in Touques Normandy

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Now available in “La Galerie des Créateurs” Touques Normandy

I are delighted to announce that a range of my handmade candles are now available in the gallery “La Galerie des Créateurs” in Touques Normandy.  This is a very exciting opportunity for me to have my candles available in such a prestigious gallery.

A boutique run by Dominique Laborde, a gallery that very much works along the same lines as I do with the same ethos and approach to having products made by Artisans, made locally.  This is why I work with local Artisans who produce, especially for me a range of glass and ceramic pots.

My boxes too are hand wrapped and all of my candles and made here in Normandy by myself.  This also demonstrates that current and new clients are now looking for products made locally and for me here, Made in France.

I look forward to working with Dominique to ensure her clients get every opportunity to get the best handmade candles available from The French Candle Company.  I will be working on a range of new products in the coming months and I’ll also be announcing some new partnerships with Artisans in Normandy to product a whole new range of candles for your pleasure.

To see the range of other Artisans represented in gallery by Dominique and “La Galerie des Créateurs” please follow this link.

We constantly striving to bring new an unique products and fragrances to you, as these develop we will be adding to our range all the time.  You can get updates from us via our newsletter, our Facebook and Twitter

For more information about “La Galerie des Créateurs” and Dominique Laborde
Place St Pierre
Parvis de l’église
14800 Touques
Tel. (+33) 06 71 52 71 05

La Galerie des Créateurs

La Galerie des Créateurs
Place St Pierre
Parvis de l’église 14800 Touques
Tel. (+33) 06 71 52 71 05

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