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My encounter with clay is the fruit of a happy combination of circumstances which has led me for more than five years on ever more enriching paths made of beautiful human and artistic encounters. The great diversity of the work in clay, offers you a real opening on the world and the others.

After obtaining my diplomas (filming and ceramic decoration), I began a utility production in varnished clay. The search for form and graphics, influenced by my years of study in the school of visual arts and the practice of painting, were the main thread of these first years, to propose small series regularly renewed.

But my wish to move to the sandstone and to practice high temperature enamelling were always present in a corner of my mind.  Working with clay teaches you to appreciate slowness, teaches you patience, perseverance and modesty.

So when the time came, I was able to do an internship on sandstone enamels and after several months of research and testing, I took out of the oven my first pieces. Today my research direction is more oriented towards texture and enamels without neglecting the form that I like to be sober and harmonious.

It is through a utilitarian and decorative range that I share my passion for the earth.  Wishing to continue in this direction, I am aware that I am opening the door to a vast field of exploration and that my learning is only just beginning.

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