Francis Lefèvre

Artisan Glass Blower
Francis Lefèvre
credit photo: Julien Cousin

Born in 1970 in the department of Eure, I am a very passionate Artisan glass blower.  A former student of the Dorian Science and Technology School (Paris), I learnt the job of glass blowing with a blowtorch in the field of laboratory glassware. (Graduate of the patent of technician option glassware science).

Science is my other great passion, I undertake scientific studies in Physics, Chemistry and Astrophysics at the observatory of Paris / Meudon. I do not differentiate between being an artist and being a scientist, both are creative, imaginative.

Beginning of my journey

I am perfecting myself with master glassmakers, being in particular the collaborator of one of the best workmen in France as well as with master glass-makers on the island of Murano: “Years of practice, patience and rigor, Will bring an ease in this discipline “.

It is a difficult, very technical job, which requires not only rigorous training, but also a long and demanding learning to acquire sufficient dexterity.

Humility is assuredly the greatest virtue for a master glass-maker. I work with Borosilicate glass, soda-lime and crystal. The artist in the image of the scientist is a researcher of ideas, an discoverer of the absolute, an inventor of expression, emotion. In different forms, art and science participate in a quest for the beauty of an aesthetic in a world we are given to understand.

Souffleur de verre Artisan

Half-artiste half-scientist, I absolutely want this duality, at once aesthetic, rational and emotional, this double language is equally rich in discoveries. Glass is for me a means of expression used to explore another world that is not falsifiable because it comes from inner experience.

The French Candle Company

Designing and hand crafting beautiful candles.

16 route du Hameau Joyeux Ypreville-Biville Normandy 76540 France

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